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Type of Question  Situational Awareness; Cause and Effect Analysis; Prediction; Impact Assessment;

Topic Area  Tracking the Pandemic’s Evolution; Developing Disease Treatment; Identifying Availability and Demand for Supplies; Monitoring Adherence to Health Protocols and Practices; Understanding Public Perceptions, Well-being and Behavior; Protecting Democracy, Human Rights and Promoting Government Accountability; Addressing Misinformation; Supporting Post-Pandemic Re-openings and Recovery; Alleviating the Burden on Migrants; Alleviating Pandemic-related Unemployment and Poverty; Guaranteeing Protections for Workers; Supporting Education, Upskilling and Reskilling; SFostering Business and Government Solvency; Assessing Environmental Impact; Understanding the Economic Impact;

Sector  Public Health; Social; Economic;

Scope  Local; Regional; National; Multilateral; Undefined;

Data Supplier  Private Sector; Civil Society; Research/Academia; General Public; Public Sector;

Data User  Private Sector; Civil Society; Research/Academia; General Public; Public Sector;

Data Sources  Social media data; Online search data; Clinical data; Health system usage; Academic research databases; Consumer data; Surveys / crowdsourcing; Geospatial data; Location intelligence; Telecom Data; Wearables and biometric data; News media; Satellite imagery; Supply chain, manufacturing, and other industrial data; Retail; Transportation providers; IoT sensors; Health business data; Government data (open and administrative data); Financial data;

Output  Dashboard / Visualization; Repository / Portal; Static Reporting; Mobile App; Interactive Tool / Analytics;